Suggested Clothing for Obstacles Races

Winter events you are best off wearing some form of compression wear top
And bottoms . There are many brands out there too choose from and thermal options are a favourite for winter events . Also the long sleeve top and bottoms help prevent cuts and scrapes etc to some degree . The aim of the compression tops is to help prevent muscle fatigue and also with thermal helps to keep the core warm .A tech top over the top will further enhance your comfort . Never wear cotton as it gets wet and will keep you wet and also chill your core very fast .

Summer events

Warmer weather you can get away with vest tops and shorts or leggings etc . There are a few bottoms out there made specifically for obstacle races which can be sourced via the internet . There are also various forms of compression socks etc if you want to protect your shins etc .

When it comes to obstacle races footwear are a critical choice if you do regular .the difference in grip and drainage is phenomenal when you buy brands such as inov 8 or Salomon Speedcross compared to cheaper karrimoor trainers etc . It can make all the difference on a event .
Obviously this all comes down to budget or your level of commitment to races .

Head gear and Gloves

Buffs , beanies and neoprene hats are all popular to wear on events and the latter 2 are mainly for the winter too keep the heat in .   Buffs are Great for summer to keep the sweat etc out of the eyes .
Fingerless gym gloves and scuba gloves are brilliant for keep hands warm in winter also they do
Stop some damage . Mostly available in neoprene they are relatively cheap and do
Make a difference in grip and warmth .

For after the event big bags for dirty kit , towels and fresh warm clothes to wear are essential to aid recovery and general comfort!