Kickass Endurance bring to you events that emphasize on team work, camaraderie and that warm feeling of accomplishment!! 

We actively need you!! Yes you can be a Marshall, a volunteer a helper!! Call them what you wish but without our dedicated KICKASS TEAM of people our events would simply not happen
If you can answer yes to all the below then you are the person we need?

  • Are you happy to encourage our KICKASSERS around our venues?
  • Are you happy to be friendly?
  • Are you happy to assist to make the KICKASS Experience one to be remembered?
  • Are you happy to have a free entry to an event of your choice?
  • Are you happy to eat a free breakfast and drink?
  • Are you happy to get dirty?
  • Are you happy to listen to the KICKASS pre event brief?
  • Are you happy to pass out water to our KICKASSERS!?
  • Are you happy to give out medals and T-Shirts at the finish line?
  • Are you happy to be part of the family that’s the KICKASS Team forever!!

If you answered NO to any of the above, then please don’t contact us!!

However, we reckon you answered YES !!! and you have passed the KICKASS Questionnaire!!


So all you need to do now is contact us by using the form below to find out your availability!!

We look forward to talking to you and welcoming you to the family!!

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